Sunday, February 5, 2012

AdSense interface in custom language

Hi folks, this post is dealing with unwanted language selection of AdSense interface. If you want to set back your AdSense interface in custom language, just pop in.

I've experienced unwanted language selection in AdSense interface and wanted to get it back to English. Accidentally I've clicked on some link to AdSense, but the URL contained language sign which I didn't saw at the time. After that click, my interface started to showing up always in Serbian language. I've tried to change language in my user panel, searched for solution on the internet, find out that lots of people are dealing with the same problem, but not find the proper solution. I've tried to clear the cookies, cache, history..etc., didn't help.

Some suggested that I should check English language in AdSense interface, under the settings. The thing is, it was already checked to English/US and I thought that solution isn't proper. Repetition of language checking doesn't seem to be the solution and for some people it didn't worked, according to the comments.

Anyway, I've found simple solution for wrong language interface. Following method did the job for me, as some may say, as a charm.

Simplified explanation of the solution

Log out from AdSense user interface, on login page change language sign in URL, reload page with that value and login. 

More detailed solution

First, just sign out from AdSense interface and you will be redirected to the page that says:

 You are now logged out.
Thank you for using AdSense!
«Return to AdSense

Click Return to AdSense link and you will be redirected to the sign in page which has heading that says:
Maximize revenue from your online content".

On that page you will have similar URL to this one,

At the end of that URL sausage, you can see HL variable, which stands for Hall Of Languages (I suppose). If you want to get your interface, lets say in English, just type the value of HL variable to en_US, or to any that your prefers.

On the page Google language tools (thanks to you can see a list of supported languages, under the heading "Use the Google Interface in Your Language". Put pointer on the desired language and look on the pointing link. In Firefox, you can see in lower left corner. For every link/language there is different HL value. You can use one of those values on your AdSense URL to change laguage. Look for the desired HL value and just type it to URL on AdSense logging page. Then click browser GO button or simply press Enter key. By doing this you will reload logging page, but this time in desired language, which will be saved in further usage. Login in desired language and there you go.

AdSense user interface doesn't support all of the languages, like Zulu or Esperanto.

Most of the languages are supported in user interface.



Veverke said...

Excelent, plain and simple.
Easiest and most direct solution to problem I found googling.

jazzofthufeil said...

thanks man! :)
I wonder why Google can't make it simpler than try to be smart ass.
I mean for example: People log in from France doesn't always mean French-speaking people

jazzofthufeil said...

actually we don't have to log out...
Simply look at our browser's URL bar, change its "hl=" value to en_US then enter.

crook in the business said...

Thankis jazzofthufeil! But, in my address bar "hl=" doesn't appear, what I have is

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